Last updated: Monday, March 06, 2000.

Well, after having so much fun making The Director last year, we decided to make another short film this year... this time even more ambitious!

The new film, whose title is "Cr@cKeRz," is sort of a parody of all those cheesy computer movies. We tried to take Hollywood's version of the computing/hacking world and blow it out of proportion, but it was pretty tough because it's quite inflated as is.

The filming lasted for three full and exhausting days and involved around 30 people. The shooting and planning pretty well killed my whole spring break and Warren's as well, but it was quite a blast. Man, you don't realise how tough it is to make a movie until you try...

And now, at long last, the editing has been finished up as well. We're planning to do the "World Premier" pretty soon. For now, there's lots of pictures and info on our Strange Loup Productions web page, including the script and some production photos.

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