CSE 590SS - Panorama 4: The Next Level

After making a panorama of my fridge, it seemed only natural to try to push the frontier further and do my freezer. Most people have self-defrosting freezers; mine is quite the opposite. So speed would be of the essence or I'd have to mop up the kitchen. I made a rotating camera head using a piece of masking tape, a thumbtack, and a box of Gardenburgers. Open the freezer, push the camera around a bit, reset the timer, and go. Unfortunately the box crumpled partway through... misalignments were rampant and the Lucas-Kanade algorithm puked all over the place. Determined to make the best of a bad job, I started up Photoshop and busted out the airbrush eraser. The result is passable, except for the left end of the bar on the freezer door, which grew 150% between frames. I tried to make it look like a reflection. Or something. I didn't bother croppping the top and bottom on this one, because there'd be almost nothing left.

Full image:

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