CSE 590SS - Panorama 3: My Fridge

Since I didn't want to do yet another scenic campus location for my hand-held panorama, I decided to "think outside the box". Or rather, inside the box -- my fridge. I used my own not-too-fancy digital camera (Olympus D360-L) in "macro mode" (meant for taking pictures of close objects). Using masking tape and a magic marker, I manually positioned the camera so that its center of focus was more or less in the same place for each frame. I set the timer and flash, and closed the door most of the way (so the light was still on) while the picture was being taken.

Unfortunately, the fridge presents a lot problems for making panoramas:

In the end, the result wasn't too bad, as you can see in the panorama below. Sometimes I had to run the Lucas-Kanade algorithm with a lot of different starting values to get it into the right local minimum, because the amount of rotation between frames varied a lot. The automatic blending algorithm did a good job of dealing with the color changes between adjacent images. You can see some double highlights and double shadows on the plastic wrap, however. Also, three of the pictures were too close together, and taken from slightly different views, causing problems on the right side of the "House Italian" bottle.

Full image:

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