CSE 590SS - Panorama 2: Gould Hall

This panorama was taken from the 4th floor balcony of Gould Hall at around 3:00 PM on January 19, 2001 using the Nikon Coolpix 990 with the Kaidan head. Since one of the pictures is basically looking directly into the sun, exposure differences were going to be a problem. To avoid this, I used the autoexposure lock setting and took the first picture towards the sun. As a result, the rest of the scene is kind of dark. I found I could fix the levels of the composite image in Photoshop and bring out a lot more of the scene, but I like the sky colors in the original best, so I left it dark.

The original blending algorithm left some visible bands in the composite image, so I changed it to a cosine function, i.e., a weight between 0 and 1 gets remapped using: weight = 1.0 - ((cos(weight * PI) + 1.0) / 2.0). This was still a little sharp at the ends, so I squared it and used a really wide blending region.

Full image:

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