The Spooner File
Last updated: Monday, March 06, 2000.

Way back in the halcyon days of high school, I had the most unique experience of taking a class with Mr Spooner. Nobody warned me about Mr Spooner. When we went into his OAC (grade 13) Calculus class on the first day, our expectations were that we would be learning some calculus. Imagine our suprise when, a few minutes into the lecture, Mr Spooner began talking about the movie "Sound of Music" at great length, with no apparent connection to anything else he had taught that day. Finally, just before the bell rang, Mr Spooner wound the whole thing back and somehow, amazingly, made it all connect back to math. My friend Amod wrote the story down, and thus the Spooner File was begun. All in all, I think we ended up with more pages of Spooner quotes than Calculus notes by the end of the semester.

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