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This page documents some things I worked on in grad school, some of which culminated in my thesis. My main area of research was coming up with ways to create realistic human shape models from real-world data such as 3D scans. This work was part of the Digital Human Project.

At SIGGRAPH 2003, I presented a paper on modeling the variety of human body shapes.
At SIGGRAPH 2002, I presented a paper on modeling how the body changes shape as it moves.

Below are some class projects I worked on while at UW:

For 3D Photography class, I did a project on One-shot 3D Photography with Gary Yngve. The idea is to capture the 3D shape of an object from just one picture. The trick is to take the picture when a regular grid happens to be projected on the object.
In Vision For Graphics class, I made some panoramic images. Experience what it's like to be trapped in my fridge!
For another project, I did a "match move" to make my face emerge from a computer screen as the hand-held camera moves around.
My final project in Vision For Graphics was creating cartoons from video.
In Computer graphics class, Stefan Saroiu and I did a project on animating exploding objects. We used rigid body mechanics, a simple fracture simulation, and a model of the pressure of a blast wave in order blow things to smithereens.

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